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Want to be a performer on SparkGig?

The Vision

Build a Community
Celebrating Art & Entertainment

SparkGig is home to entertainers who want to share their
talent with people looking to enliven their special events.

We Help You Discover Talent

We know making the right connections can be hard.
With SparkGig, you can find the perfect performer
so that planning your event doesn't have to be a pain.

Discover New Talent

Turning a Painful Process
Into an Easy One

For Event Planners

No Time Wasted

Many hours spent looking for a performer? We make it easy to find one in a single click

Find the Perfect Match

No more endless Google searches with an optimized search engine on SparkGig

No Hassle, No Fuss

No need to deal with waiting on a messy back and forth conversation anymore!

For Performers

Make Your Mark

Share your artistry and talent, all in one place. Your own portfolio, no coding required.

Get the Gigs

Live the dream and make an income out of what you love and are passionate about.

Connect Easily

Make a lifetime of good connections with people who are invested in your talent.

Bring out the good
in entertainment

We’re in the business of doing good and strive to
empower others to do the same through
positive entertainment experiences.

For every gig booked,
SparkGig will help
someone in need.